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Prayer Before A Sermon on Gideon

PRAYER ALMIGHTY GOD, we would rest in thee. Thou hast welcomed us to thy rest, and made us, in promise, sharers of thy feast. The Lord will bless his people with peace, yea, with peace that passeth understanding. Thou dost cause men to possess their souls in peace and confidence when they look unto the... Continue Reading →

Commentary On Job 4:1-21

CHAPTER 4 Job having warmly given vent to his passion, and so broken the ice, his friends here come gravely to give vent to their judgment upon his case, which perhaps they had communicated to one another apart, compared notes upon it and talked it over among themselves, and found they were all agreed in... Continue Reading →

His Great Love

1 THE Lord of glory, moved by love, Descends, in mercy, from above; And He, before whom angels bow, Is found a man of grief below. 2 Such love is great, too great for thought, Its length and breadth in vain are sought; No tongue can tell its depth and height; The love of Christ is infinite.... Continue Reading →

Commentary On Job 3:1-26

“You have heard of the patience of Job,” says the apostle, Jam. 5:11. So we have, and of his impatience too. We wondered that a man should be so patient as he was (ch. 1 and 2), but we wonder also that a good man should be so impatient as he is in this chapter,... Continue Reading →

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