A Little While


“A Little while” of mingled joy and sorrow,
“A little while” to love and serve below,
To wait the dawning of that bright tomorrow,
When morn shall break upon our night of woe.

“A little while” for winning souls to Jesus,
Ere we behold His beauty face to face;
A little while for healing soul diseases,
By telling others of a Saviour’s grace.

“A little while” to spread the joyful story
Of Him who made our guilt and curse His own;
“A little while,” ere we behold the glory,
To gather jewels for His heavenly crown.

“A little while!” and we shall dwell forever
Within our bright, our everlasting home;
Where time, or space, or death no more can sever
Our grief-wrung hearts, and pain can never come.

J. Crewdson.

Horatius Bonar and Charlotte Murray, Songs of the Dawn, (London; New York: James E. Hawkins; E. P. Dutton & Co., 1887), 1.

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