Open Hymnal

At The Opening Of Worship


Far from our Thoughts, vain World, be gone,
Let our religious Hours alone:
Oh may our Eyes our Saviour see!
We wait a Visit, Lord, from thee.

Oh warm our Hearts with Holy Fire,
And kindle there a pure Desire:
Come, our Dear Jesus, from above,
And feed our Souls with heav’nly Love.

Blest Jesus, what delicious Fare!
How sweet thy Entertainments are!
Never did Angels taste above
Redeeming Grace and dying Love.

Hail, great Emmanuel, all Divine!
In thee thy Father’s Glories shine:
Thou brightest, sweetest, fairest one,
That Eyes have seen or Angels known!

George Whitefield, A Collection of Hymns for Social Worship, Seventh Edition., (London: William Strahan, 1758), 2.

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