Daily Devotions


1. Preface to The Eternal Day

2. Salvation by Knowing the Truth

3. Taught That We May Teach

4. Knowledge, Worship, Gratitude

5. John and Herod

6. On Laying Foundations

7. Great Spoil

8. Loved and Loving

9. For the Candid and Thoughtful

10. Expected Fruit of Professed Love

11. At School

12 Hands Full of Honey

13. Verily Verily

14. Rare Fruit

15. Salvation By Knowing The  Truth

16. Four Choice Verses

17. The Rocky Fortress and Its Inhabitant

18. First King of Righteousness, and After That King of Peace

19. All Joy in All Trials

20. A Home Question and a Right Answer

21. The Singular Origin of a Christian Man

22. Our Lord’s Trial Before the Sanhedrin

23. Faith Among Mockers

24. An Astounding Miracle

25. The Hearing of Faith

26. Before Daybreak With Christ

27. The Royal Prerogative

28. Freshness

29. Recruits For King Jesus

30. Herein is Love

31. Our Lord Before Herod

32. A Waiting God and a Waiting People

33. My Solace in My Affliction

34. My Hourly Prayer