This ministry is a one-man and the Lord project.

I started the site with what the Lord provides; this project will continue and grow as the Lord provides.

This ministry is not a 501c3. There are three reasons for that;

First, it takes thousands of dollars, an attorney, and a great deal of time to become one.

Secondly, to become a 501c3 an entity must be a corporation with a five-member board of directors.

Thirdly, and most importantly, this is God’s ministry, not the States. I cannot do both God’s will and the States.

So since this is not a 501c3, anyone who supports this ministry with dollars, silver, gold, chickens, or apples will not get an automatic tax deduction. So just in case, if the taxman doesn’t provide, remember God always does.

To support this ministry, please send a check to;

Lawrence Blair

905 NE5th Drive

Hillsboro, OR.  97124

P.S. Please pray for the ministry. That is far more powerful than the world’s dollars. God will provide . . . in His way . . . in his time.

Any monies given to this ministry over and beyond that required for its expenses will be passed on to another ministry as a donation.

I thank you for considering supporting this ministry, whatever your final decision may be.

God bless . . .

Lawrence Blair