Open Hymnal

Grace causing Love

1 WE love Thee, Lord, because when we
Had err’d and gone astray,
Thou didst recall our wandering souls
Into the heavenward way.

2 When helpless, hopeless, we were lost
In sin and sorrow’s night,
Thou didst send forth a guiding ray
Of Thy benignant light.

3 Because when we forsook Thy ways,
Nor kept Thy holy will,
Thou wert not the avenging Judge,
But gracious Father still:

4 Because we have forgot Thee, Lord,
But Thou hast not forgot;
Because we have forsaken Thee,
But Thou forsakest not:

5 Because, O Lord, Thou lovedst us
With everlasting love;
Because Thou send’st Thy Son to die,
That we might live above:

6 Because, when we were heirs of wrath,
Thou gav’st us hope of heaven;
We love because we much have sinn’d,
And much have been forgiven.

Julia Anne Elliott, 1835

C. H. Spurgeon, Our Own Hymn Book: A Collection of Psalms and Hymns for Public, Social and Private Worship, (London: Passmore & Alabaster, 1883).

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