Open Hymnal

Have We No Tears To Shed For Him

1. Have we no tears to shed for Him,
While soldiers scoff, and Jews deride?
Ah! look, how patiently He hangs—
Jesus, our love, is crucified!

2. What was Thy crime, my dearest Lord?
By earth, by heaven, Thou hast been tried,
And guilty found of too much love;
Jesus, our Love, is crucified!

3. Found guilty of excess of love,
It was Thine own sweet will that tied
Thee tighter far than helpless nails;
Jesus, our Love, is crucified!

4. O break, O break, hard heart of mine!
Thy weak self-love and guilty pride
His Pilate and his Judas were;
Jesus, our Love, is crucified!

5. A broken heart, a fount of tears—
Ask, and they will not be denied;
A broken heart love’s cradle is;
Jesus, our Love, is crucified!


Henry Ward Beecher, Plymouth Collection of Hymns and Tunes for the Use of Christian Congregations, (New York: A. S. Barnes & Company, 1859), 73.

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