Highlights From The History Of God’s People

First Century Church (1)

Church history, as seen through in the lives, actions, and writings of those who came before us.

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1. Three Threats, Three Apologists, Three Fathers

2. Constantine the Great

3. Athanasius Contra Mundum

4. Ambrose and Augustine

5. The Fifth Century and St. Patrick

6. Franks, Brits, and Pope Gregory

7. The Rise of Islam and St. Boniface

8. Charlemagne

9. Alfred the Great

10. St. Anselm

11. Bernard of Clairvaux

12. Peter Waldo

13. Francis of Assisi

14. Thomas Aquinas

15. John Wyclif

16. John Huss and the Papal Schism

17. Joan of Arc and the Hundred Years War

18. The Medici, Savonarola, and Renaissance Florence

19. The Renaissance: Fuel for the Reformation

20. The Life of Martin Luther (part 1)

21. The Life of Martin Luther (part 2)

22. The Effects of the Reformation and William Tyndale

23. The Life and Times of John Calvin (part 1)

24. The Life and Times of John Calvin (part 2)

25. Henry VIII and the English Reformation

26. Edward VI, Mary Tudor, and an English Tug of War

27. The Impact of the Reformation on Europe

28. John Knox and the Scottish Reformation (part 1)

29. John Knox: Prisoner, Exile, Reformer (part 2)

30. John Knox and a New Vision for Scotland (part 3)

31. The Reformation in France

32. Gustavus Adolphus and the Thirty Years War

33. Stuart England and the American Colonial Experiment

34. The Puritan Revolt and the Life of John Bunyan

35. Richard Cameron – Lion of the Covenant

36. Jonathan Edwards

37. George Whitefield

38. John Wesley

39. John Newton and David Brainerd

40. William Carey and the Modern Missionary Movement

41. David Livingstone

42. Spokane Garry, David Thompson, and the Pacific Northwest

42(a). Spokane Garry, David Thompson, & Pacific Northwest

43. Jedediah Smith, the Praying Trapper

44. Jason Lee, First Mssionary to the Northwest

45. Marcus and Narcissa Whitman

46. Henry and Eliza Spalding

47(b). George Washington Bush – Afro-American Pioneer

47 (c). George Washington, Black Northwest Pioneer

48 (a). Chief Spokane Garry (early career)

48 (b). Spokane Garry and the Red River Settlement

48. Spokane Garry Returns from Red River

49. Chief Spokane Garry (part 2)

50. George Whitworth

51. The Early History of First Presbyterian Church, Spokane