Open Hymnal

See Daylight Is Fading

1. See daylight is fading, o’er earth and o’er ocean,
The sun has gone down on the far-distant sea;
Oh, now in the hush of the fitful commotion
We lift our tired spirits, blest Saviour, to Thee.

2. Full oft wast thou found afar on the mountain,
As eventide spread her dark wing o’er the wave:
Thou Son of the Highest, and life’s endless fountain,
Be with us, we pray Thee, to bless and to save.

3. And oft as the tumult of life’s heaving billow
Shall toss our frail bark, driving wild o’er night’s deep,
Let Thy healing wing be stretched over our pillow,
And guard us from evil, though Death watch our sleep.

4. To God our great Father, whose throne is in heaven
Who dwells with the lowly and humble in heart,
To the Son and the Spirit all glory be given:
One God, ever blessed and praised, Thou art.


Henry Ward Beecher, Plymouth Collection of Hymns and Tunes for the Use of Christian Congregations, (New York: A. S. Barnes & Company, 1859), 71.

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