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The City of God: Book 1: Chapter Twenty

Chapter 20 It is significant that in Holy Scripture no passage can be found enjoining or permitting suicide either in order to hasten our entry into immortality or to void or avoid temporal evils. God’s command, ‘Thou shalt not kill,’ is to be taken as forbidding self-destruction, especially as it does not add ‘thy neighbor,’... Continue Reading →

The City of God: Book 1: Chapter Fifteen

Chapter 15 Yet, our detractors have, in the person of one of their eminent men, a striking example of captivity willingly borne for religion’s sake. Marcus Aurelius Regulus, a Roman general, was held in captivity by the Carthaginians. As they preferred to have their own men liberated from Roman bondage rather than to hold Romans... Continue Reading →

The City of God: Book 1: Chapter Fourteen

Chapter 14 Again, it is complained, many Christians have been led into captivity. This would be lamentable, indeed, if they had been led to a place where they could not find their God. But, Holy Scripture gives us instances of great consolations bestowed even in such calamity. There were the three boys, Daniel, and other... Continue Reading →

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