The Morning of Joy


OH, bright will be the waking—
The resurrection dawn!
The day will soon be breaking,
And Christ, His kingdom taking,
Will usher in the morn.

Oh, sweet the rays we borrow
Beforehand from the Light!
A few bright hours of sorrow,
“Joy Cometh on the morrow:”
“Far spent is now the night.”

Oh, short the time remaining
For pilgrim-service here;
Then, then, no more restraining,
No more a thought of paining,
The heart that holds us dear.

Oh, fair anticipation!
Oh, bliss beyond alloy!
Oh, perfected salvation,
When, Lord, Thy revelation
O’erfills our cup of joy!

Horatius Bonar and Charlotte Murray, Songs of the Dawn, (London; New York: James E. Hawkins; E. P. Dutton & Co., 1887), 5.

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