The Night Soon Over

The Night Soon Over

THE night shall soon be over,
The morning soon shall dawn;
The twilight and the darkness
Alike shall soon be gone.
Soon, soon shall come the day-spring,
When we from earth shall rise,
To bright celestial glories,
Far, far beyond the skies.

There joy in all its fulness,
And pleasures evermore,
Shall fill the heart with raptures
That ne’er were known before.
For we shall see our Jesus,
The dearest object there,
The Chief among ten thousand,
The altogether fair.

We’ll turn from all the glory
Of that thrice-blessed piace,
And drawing near to Jesus,
Shall gaze upon His face.
Yes, yes, ’tis Jesus only
Can satisfy the heart;
Not e’en the brightest glory
Can lasting joy impart.

Horatius Bonar and Charlotte Murray, Songs of the Dawn, (London; New York: James E. Hawkins; E. P. Dutton & Co., 1887), 2.

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