Getting the gospel to the world and educating Christians in the doctrines of the faith is why this site exists, but existing is not enough; IT MUST BE SEEN to be of use.

Building a beautiful site and creating informative and edifying content is only a small part of the process of creating a successful website. As I have learned during the two years of creating and posting to The Pilgrim Journal.Com, expecting the site to grow by merely posting great material, spreading urls to it around the social sites, and expecting word of mouth to make it grow does not work.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is necessary, a talent that I do not have. An SEO plugin is required, which I can acquire for a sum; but the expertise to use it I don’t have and the finances to hire a person is way beyond the wherewithal of The Pilgrim Journal which is running on my social security and the generosity of a fine Christian lady.

So there you have it, we need a volunteer to help us with SEO.

We Need You

I could also use help with posting, but that is secondary to getting this site into more people’s eyes.

So if you have the talent, know-how, and leading of God to help in this mission contact me at:

Email: lawrenceblair@fastmail.com

Phone: 503 548 8040